Oil Spill Linked to Fish Abnormalities

May 2015

This graphic shows how the Mexico Gulf Oil Spill impacts the development of fishes. My classmates and I cooperated on a video to show how scientists had done the main research.Now the whole multimedia project has been published on National Geographic website.

What Grabs Children's Life?

December 2015

This is an one-webpage D3.js project focus on Under 5 Children Mortality Rate in the world. UNICEF(The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund) provides the data. The change of children's mortality rate in 60 years has been overviewed and the reasons can be explored in the project.

Unforgettable Journey CA1 Pacific Hwy

December 2015

I use this webpage to document my summer journey in California. And this project is built for the Interactive Programming class. D3.js and jQuery was used in it. It is the first project which I use multimedia to tell a story.

Does Female Breadwinners Lead Family Problems?

Nov 2014

Interactive Graphic: Is It Worthy To Pay More For Organic Food?

December 2014

Interactive Graphic: Middle East Refugees Population Changes 1974-2013

October 2014

This is my first (interactive) graphic. Besides the change of refugee population, big political events are showed above the charts. So readers can explore by themselves to see how the events affected refugee population and refugee immigration direction.