Shake A Leg Story--Manuela Hoyos

(April 2015)

Manuela Hoyos, from Columbia, is a mentor in Miami Shake A Leg, which is a non-profit organization working with people with physical challenges in a marine environment. Manuela has spina bifida, a birth defect, which can cause partial or full paralysis. This story tells how she overcomes all kinds of difficulties and gets freedom from water sports, with the help of her family and Shake A Leg.

B-Roll Tutorial

(April 2015)

This video is used as one of the online tutorials for young journalists wishing to learn how to use multimedia in reporting and making documentaries. It introduces B-Roll shooting essential information.

Ride To Adaption

(December 2014)

This is about a Chinese international student at University of Miami, who just started his life in a foreign country. Bicycle is his main mode of transportation, but it is more than that to him. His bike is the way he explores the city, his way to make new friends, know new people. His bike drags him out of loneliness.