Unforgettable Journey CA1 Pacific Hwy


San Fransisco

From July16 to July18. We traced from Los Angeles to San Francisco through CA1 Pacific Coast High Way.

A red 'Beatles'. Two girls. Three whole days.

It is a vacuum and happy period. It is an unforgettable journey.

July 15, we arrived in Santa Barbara.

July 16, we arrived in Monterey.

July 17, we arrived in San Francisco.

We didn't plan a lot. That is almost the end of the summer. And we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. Maybe that's the reason why it made the second day a little bit miserable, thrilling and really unforgettable.

On July15, we drove a lot. We started off at noon, driving almost 6 hours. It was totally dark when we arrived in Monterey. If we were driving on the US1, instead of CA1, it would be totally fine. But it was so dangerous to drive on the coast high way during sunset. We needed turned around like hundreds of times. The sun shines directly towards our eyes. No sunglasses can work during that period. Both of us were extremely nervous. We could not stop anywhere besides the destination. There were always motorcycles flying beside us in full speed.

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